Re:  Habana Outpost, 1036 - 40 Esplanade Ave., Developer - Sean Meenan

Dear Neighbors,

The proposed development at the corner of Rampart and Esplanade Ave. is the subject of great concern for our surrounding neighborhoods. The following outline is provided to illustrate just a few of the many concerns associated with this proposed project.  For a visual model of the proposed project, go to and click on Brooklyn.

  • Full Service Restaurant – This is what the developer is proposing which would include food and alcohol; however, he has failed to illustrate their method of complying with the regulations that comprise the term  " Full Service Restaurant."  In addition, the possibility of the business being open "24 hours" was discussed. Service of the second floor could affect the design of the building and is incomplete.
  • Scale - the developer is attempting to re-subdivide two parcels of land into one along with a "change of use" provision thereby allowing all vacant space to be used as a restaurant.  The scale is too large for the neighborhood.
  • Density - As of 10-09-12, the proposed project has a proposed capacity of 417 people; however, the capacity level has the potential to increase significantly depending on the seating configuration for different events.
  • Parking - No Additional Parking is provided.  This will have a tremendous impact on all of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Besides contributing additional traffic to an already congested area, freight zones may take up scarce parking and have not been identified.
  • Noise, Outdoor Music, Movie Night, Outdoor Vendors - Open air entertainment will impact the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Incomplete Architectural Plans - The project is conceptual; however, the developer is requesting Vieux Carre' Architectural Review Committee approval with the "DETAILS" to be provided after approval.
  • Trash and Blocked Sidewalks - Safety hazards for pedestrians. No on-site location is identified for trash containers.
  • Impact of Quality of Life - The proposed project has the potential to negatively impact the quality of life for the residents of several neighborhoods.  It does not respect any of them.

We are requesting your support in opposing the proposed Habana Outpost project in an effort to preserve the quality of life for our families, friends and neighbors.