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Subject: Illegal Demolition by Neglect: "Habana Cafe?" or "Habana Decay?"

Attached (below) are pictures of the property at the corner of Esplanade Ave and N. Rampart Street.  This is the property that has applied to become "Habana Cafe".

For the last 3 years it's been better known here in our neighborhood as "Habana Decay", as these photos clearly depict.

In these photos you see that today a large portion of the roof fell off the building, and landed within the perimeter of the RTA Bus Stop.  Hopefully no innocent bystanders were injured in the process.

The continued decay and deterioration of this building is emblematic of this owner's disrespect for rules, regulations, and public safety.  And yet he expects the City and his neighbors to believe him when he says that he's "a good guy", an upstanding citizen.

This is one of the most obvious examples of DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT in recent memory in the French Quarter, and it's all happened under your watch, dear Council members, and under the watch of your VCC Staff, with no one from the city doing anything to prevent this travesty.

Please, now is the time to do SOMETHING to hold this property owner responsible for the life-endangering conditions that he has allowed to fester at his property.

Thank you,

Gary Wheat

debris on sidewalkdebris on sidewalk

graffiti and decay of buildinggraffiti and decay of building